Q. Will there be a charge to inspect my roof and provide me with a proposal?
A. Never.

Q. How long will it take to re-roof my house?
A. Usually 1 day, unless it is very large or complex. The weather can also have an effect.

Q. Who will perform the work?
A. Qualified, trained professional roofers who are our employees will perform all roofing work. Laborers will help with stripping and clean up. Qualified carpenters are available if they are required.

Q. How will you protect my house and landscaping?
A. Tarps will be spread on your bushes and beds, as well as the side of the house being stripped.

  • Beds and lawns will be picked clean and raked out.
  • We will then go over the area with a magnet on wheels to get any nails.
  • Lastly we will power blow drives and walks.
  • They do clean up as though their job depended on it.
  • Even after all that, sometimes we miss something. If we do, please give us the opportunity to make it right.

Q. What is the warranty?
A. Certainteed (www.certainteed.com) architectural shingles have a 40 year warranty. RPI rubber membrane has a 40 year warranty.  CF Brothers Roofing has a 10 year warranty against installation defects.

Q. What insurance coverage do you have?
A. Workman's compensation, as well as contractors liability. Copies of coverage on request.

Q. What benefit is there to me for you to have insurance?
A. If there is a problem, the liability belongs to the contractor, not the home owner.

Q. What licenses do you have?
A. Construction Supervisor license #CS-065952 and Home Improvement Contractor #193378.

Q. What agency oversees the licensing procedure?
A. The MASS Department of public safety www.mass.gov/publicsafety

Q. What are the benefits of doing business with a registered Home Improvement contractor?
A. Certain safeguards are available to the consumer. One is arbitration if a dispute should arise. More information about hiring contractors is available at this link www.mass.gov/HIC

There are always more questions. Please ask.


Damaged roof.

Missing shingles.

Protecting landscaping.

Debris removal.